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Patients love it when they have it. I use it myself

Dr. Joseph Marek, MD

Cardiologist & Hypertension Specialist

“Do I recommend RESPeRATE? Yes, I do. I recommend it to my patients. My family members use it. I used it. People don’t like to take medications. They are looking for natural ways to treat blood pressure. I’ve been specializing in hypertension for over 35 years. RESPeRATE is the only non-drug, non life-style change that’s been effective.“

Physician Reviews

My patients are really
benefiting from RESPeRATE

Dr. Cynthia Thaik, MD


“My patients are really benefiting from RESPeRATE. They’re able to lower their blood pressure without being on medication. It has absolutely no contraindications, and no side effects so there’s no downside to it.“

I am very excited

Dr. Henry Black M.D. | Past-President American Society of Hypertension

“I am very happy to say that my colleagues and I on the scientific advisory board, and others, have helped direct the evaluation program sessions that this device is now FDA approved for the management of high blood pressure.”

Patients are
amazed with the results

Dr. Rowena Sobczyk, M.D. | Family practitioner

“With RESPeRATE you can significantly lower your blood pressure without adding additional side effects. It is an amazing device in the sense that you can lower your blood pressure and not increase your risk profile.“

In the News

The top number drops
by 14 points on average.

FOX News – Heart Alert

“Dr. Lyn Johnson talks to Fox Orlando about how RESPeRATE lowers Blood Pressure and reduces Stress.”

This is virtually foolproof.

CBS 4 – Health Watch

“Terry Moser and her doctor explain how Terry was able to get off blood pressure medications using RESPeRATE.”

It activates the mind-body connection.

RESPeRATE lowers BP & stress.

“Cardiologist, Dr Artur Spokojny, and RESPeRATE user, John Simmons, tell NBC New York how it works to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.”

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Risk-free Order: 60 day money back guarantee

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